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On a 3 day layover of a long haul flight from FRA to LAX, former Lufthansa student, now FSO on a 747 came to Fallbrook Flight Academy, accompanied by his Captain, to take a 2 Day ATP SEL training course and passed his checkride with flying colors.

Congrats to Stef!

Clara Trefts.jpg

This marine not only worked hard & earned her way to her Private Pilot Certificate, but her next stop will be AMP - She’ll not only be flying aircraft but working on them, too!

Way to go, Clara!



Local business owner

Gray Pender soloed at Fallbrook Airpark!

Gray has always wanted to fly,

so he trained hard & made that a reality! 






Bo Shin ATP.jpg

As a First officer for  a Foriegn Air Carrier, Bo  was looking for a Premium Flight training Facility to get his FAA Multi Engine ATP so he could leave his country and fly for a US carrier.  He only had 5 days in which to accomplish this task and Fallbrook Flight  Academy took him under our "Wings" and made his dream come true. Now he & his family and preparing for a new life in the US. Congrats BO! 

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