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Instrument rating

Fallbrook Flight Academy offers an Instrument rating course. The Instrument rating is typically the next level of training after earning a private pilot certificate. Instrument pilots learn to control the aircraft solely by reference to the aircraft’s instruments. With an Instrument rating you will be able to fly in more marginal weather conditions.​


Training for your instrument rating

You will train in a Cessna 172. All of our aircraft are equipped with the latest radios and avionics (including GPS receivers). You’ll practice controlling the aircraft by reference to its instruments, navigating en route by navigation aids, and fly practice instrument approaches to various airports around the area. 


The ground instruction that you will receive will teach you about aircraft control methods, how the flight instruments work, airport operations, filing IFR flight plans, obtaining IFR clearances, flying instrument approaches, and much more. This is a very technical but rewarding area of flying!


The prerequisites for obtaining a instrument rating are that the person hold a Private Pilot certificate and a minimum 3rd class medical. 

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