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Commercial Rating

Obtaining a Commercial pilot certificate is required if you want to have a career in aviation. Once you have a Commercial rating, you can get paid to be a pilot. 

If you want to be a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor), the first step is to be

Commercial certified.  


To be certified as a Commercial pilot you need to have a minimum of 250 hours in a fixed wing aircraft; 100 hours of pilot-in-command time; 50 hours of cross-country flight; 20 hours of dual training for the commercial license; and 10 hours of instrument and complex aircraft time. 


Your training will be a combination of ground and flight training, in which you will be flying VFR cross-country flights, night flying and commercial maneuvers. 


If you have any questions regarding a Commercial certificate and/or any other ratings that we offer, come on down or give us a call at 714-927-3872.

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