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The Instructors at FFA have taught hundreds to fly. With thousands of hours combined experience, they have created a precise & effective training course.  

Looking for a training program that fits your needs? Come in or
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Are you active or retired military? If so, we have special rates for you. If you are curious about flying or have always wanted to take the controls of an airplane, then come on down and try one of our intro flights!


Already a licensed pilot? We have training courses for just about ANY additional certification that you might be seeking.

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We have plenty of classroom space to study and internet access to assist our students in flight planning.

Have you passed the ATP Knowledge BEFORE August 2014 and still haven't obtained your ATP?
If you took your knowledge test before August 2014 then you won't have to comply with the new changes in the ATP rating. We have a special deal for those who quialify for as little as $2500 you can get your ATP rating!
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Courses FFA offers


Aerobatic and Upset training programs

Redbird Flight Simulator