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Get your Private Pilot Certificate! 

Curious about the process of obtaining your certificate? This is what to expect:

Our training program is based upon FAA's Airmen Certification Standards.  

From there we tailor the training to your specific needs until

you are confident & proficient in all areas.

The more proficient you are, the safer you will be, and 

the more likely you will be to pass the necessary pilot exams. 


Preparing for solo flight -  In this first stage of training, you will learn how to fly the airplane. You will learn how to preflight; the aerodynamics of flight; how to takeoff & land; basic maneuvers; airport operations and radio communications. When you are ready, your instructor will clear you to solo, and you will do three takeoffs and landings.

Cross-country - The next phase of your training is learning how to navigate and fly a
cross-country flight. You will be taught the various methods and instruments used in VFR navigation like using VOR's, non-directional radio beacons, and GPS. You will learn how to
make a successful flight plan. You will also learn performance takeoffs and landings as
well as different mental and psychological factors that can affect you and your flying.  
You will make dual cross-country flights with your instructor as well as solo cross-country flights. 

Flying at nightIn the third phase of training, you’ll learn about: Night Vision; Night Illusions; Pilot Equipment; Airplane Equipment and Lighting; Position Lights; Airport & Navigation Lighting Aids; Preparation and Preflight; and Approaches & Landings.  During this phase you will make several night flights with your instructor, and will also complete a dual night cross-country flight. 

Preparing for the final exam -   In the final stage of your private pilot course, you will review and practice everything that you need to know to be successful in completing your private pilot exam and obtaining your Private Pilot certificate. 

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