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Our "Wall-of-Fame"

We have a wide range of pilots who we train from the "Weekend Warrior" to the student pilot looking for a career to the airlines.

Here are some of the pilots who have advanced their goals.  

G & S handshake.jpg

Congratulations to Sameeran Das, who began his flight training as our youngest student!

Still in high school, Sameeran started flying with us when he was only fourteen... and in addition to earning his Pilot Certificate he recently became an Instrument & Multi-Engine rated pilot. Now he's off to college at Yale. You make us proud, Sameeran!                              

Greg & Stefano.jpeg

Huge congrats to Stefano, who successfully trained with us & in record time.. He now has his ATP!

Excellent work, Stefano!


Look who has powered through his training, is now a commercial-rated pilot and can get paid for flying!

We are happy to be the ones

helping you reach your aviation career goals, Axel!

Meet Dragan - He recently completed his Multi-Engine rating with us. Before the ink was dry on his certificate, he purchased a beautiful multi-engine Piper aircraft in Texas & asked us to help him fly it back here.

When asked how he felt, with a BIG grin he said  "Thanks to Fallbrook Flight Academy I'm living my aviation dream!"...

Congrats, Dragan!


Congratulations to our newest Commercial, Multi-engine, Instrument rated pilot...Skyrocketed from a single-engine Private Pilot to a job in the right seat of a Citation jet in 3 weeks time! Wow...what an inspiration - way to go Kelly!!

Congratulations to Suresh Subramanian, PhD, our newest Instrument rated pilot! Suresh came to us with his EAA (glass cockpit) aircraft & needed advanced instrument training to get his Instrument rating. In a very short time he completed the course & is now flying in the clouds instead of around them! Next step - Commercial Multi-Engine training! Suresh was referred to us by another student, Dr. Sugata Das, who is currently training for his ATP cert - thank you for the referral, Doc!

Dr. John Mobilla, DMD

passed his Private Pilot ASEL check ride in N1650Y. This has been a lifelong goal for John and he did it in only
90 days!!

Just shows how determination & motivation can help you achieve your goals!!

Congrats, John!



"Mad Doctor" Das, or Doc, as he is affectionately known here, is a full-time cardiac surgeon and part-time aviation nut.

He has completed his Commercial Multi-Engine rating and wants to go all the way to Airline Transport Pilot!

He lives in Yuma & commutes 400 miles just to fly here with CFI Greg Boylan.

When he is not saving lives,he is

flying high up in the sky!



Rob Ehlers has now soloed in the skies over Fallbrook!

 Rob came into the school

to work on his Private Pilot certificate

and in only 10 days with 

under 10 hours of flight time,
he soloed!  

Way to go Rob!



Brett got his Private Pilot certificate, Multi-Engine rating & Instrument rating here at Fallbrook Flight Academy.

Next stop is Commercial pilot!



Fallbrook native, Lisa Higbee 

got her private pilot license!

She came to the school wanting to see what flying was all about and got hooked! She studied hard, got both her Private Pilot certificate & Multi-Engine rating...

Now she's working on her Instrument rating!


In addition to being a top-notch pilot, Lisa is a

top-notch Realtor here in Fallbrook!



Kevin "K3" Adkins came to us wanting to obtain his Private Pilot certificate...

Two months later he said 

"I got this!", aced his checkride and is now
a Private Pilot with a Multi-Engine rating!

He hasn't slowed down since!

Congratulations to Boris Gites,

his Private Pilot certificate!

After successfully completing our

fast track program,

He can now be seen tearing up the skies over

Southern California

and training for his Instrument rating!

Way to go, Boris!

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