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Cirrus SR22 G3 GTS-X

Basic Info:

Type: Single Prop (piston)

Make: Cirrus

Model: SR22 G3 GTS-X

Status: used

Year: 2007

Reg. No.: N

Last Annual Inspection: 04-26-2016

No Of Passengers: 1+3

Total Time (TTAF): 550

Location: Germany **


  • IFR Certified, 

  • IFR equipped, 

  • Always Hangared


Price: $275,000.00





Number of engines: 1

Engine Description: Piston Cirrus SR22 – G3 GTS-X none Turbo with total time of 550h SNEW. None turbo Continental IO-550-N with 550h SNEW. Three blade TKS de-iced Hartzell propeller with 550h SNEW. Rare none Turbo aircraft with air condition. MTOW of 1542kg. This Cirrus is located in Europe next 100h/annual inspection 01/2018 and NDH.


Engine 1: 


Make/Model: None turbo Continental IO-550-N

Power: 310 shp

Engine Total Time: 550

TBO (hours/years): 1800 12

Engine 1 Time: 550 SNEW

Prop Make/Model: Three blade TKS de-iced Hartzell

Prop Total Time: 550

Prop Time: 1:550 SNEW


Autopilot: S-Tec 55X
PFD/MFD: Avidyne PFD and MFD EX5000 
2 x COM/NAV/GPS: Dual Garmin 430 none WAAS 
TAWS: Honeywell KGP 560
TAS: Skywatch TRC 497
Stormscope: Goodrich WX 500
Audio: Garmin GMA 340
Transponder: Garmin GTX 330 Mode S
ELT: Artex 406khz

Additional: Air conditioning, airbag, seatbelts and EMax engine instrumentation


Original factory paint in gold and white tan from 2007 in good condition.


Original factory beige leather from 2007 in good condition.


This Cirrus is owned by a private owner who is the 2nd owner in total SNEW. It was sold to Europe to the first owner in 04/2007. The first owner sold the Cirrus to the second owner in 2012. Approximately an average of 60h has been flown per year SNEW. All logbooks are available SNEW and this Cirrus has always been maintained by a Cirrus Service Center and Cirrus experienced technician. This Cirrus is hangared all year long.

This Cirrus features TKS de-icing for wings and propeller for flights in icing conditions. TKS can be refilled by the pilot and CAPS = Cirrus Airframe Parachute System provides more comfort and safety for the worst case scenario incl. seatbelts with airbag system. It being a none turbo Cirrus, it enables to travel at low altitudes, burning little fuel despite high cruising speeds. With its 310hp engine, altitudes of 10.000 feet and above can also be reached easily and quick. This Cirrus is the right investment to travel fast in a single engine piston plane, offering you a side stick, a parachute system and giving you the possibility to take-off and land on short runways. With its modern technology of the Avidyne EX5000 it makes the Cirrus easy to handle and fly. 

Performance parameters

Cruises FL80 with 175KTAS using 12,5GAL/h or cruises FL120 with 165KTAS using 11,5GAL/h.
MTOW 1542kg/3392Ibs 
EW 1068kg/2350Ibs
Maximum useful load: 473kg/1042Ibs
Maximum usable fuel: 347l/92GAL 
Payload with full fuel: 224kg/493Ibs
1000nm IFR range plus reserve or 1100nm range VFR.

Inspection Status

03/2016 performed alternator 1 inspection
03/2016 performed internal magneto inspection
03/2016 replaced NLG wheel bearings 
03/2016 replaced EGT sensor cylinder 2
01/2017 performed 100h/annual inspection 
02/2017 CAPS rocket motor due
03/2017 CAPS parachute due
02/2018 CAPS line cutters due

Other remarks:

Next 100h/annual inspection 01/2018 and NDH.

Rare none Turbo aircraft with air condition. 

Cruises FL80 with 175KTAS using 12,5GAL/h or cruises FL120 with 165KTAS using 11,5GAL/h.

All specifications subject to verification upon inspection

Contact information:


**Ferry pilots available, or live your dream & fly across the world with experienced ferry pilot/flight instructor!

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