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Fallbrook Flight Academy


Do you look to the skies when you hear the faint sound

of an engine from above? Have you dreamed

about the freedom of flight?

We here at FFA know exactly how you feel! 

The owners, staff & instructors here all have a

passion for aviation and it is our goal to help you

pursue your dream of flying. 

Fallbrook Flight Academy offers tailored, individualized 

training that will help you gain the skills & confidence you

need to become a safe, competent pilot.

Whether you want to become a Commercial Pilot

or are just an aviation enthusiast, 

we have a program to help you

reach your aviation goals!

Call or stop by our training center today!



Kyle Private Pilot Cert.jpg
Eli Solo w-grandparents.jpg

Need a loan to help you meet your flight training financial needs? Contact us for details!


Click link below:

Come Fly Fallbrook!



Fallbrook Airpark is a small, hometown airport located

in north San Diego county. It provides the perfect location

for training with its low air traffic.


We are located just east of Oceanside, which means

blue skies, stunning views & mild coastal temps.

We have experienced flight instructors & a comfortable, professional environment with training courses designed

to ease you through your training safely, quickly & economically.

Click here for directions to our training center.

Be in the Pilot's seat & fly the plane w/instructor's assistance: 
Intro Flight Lesson $190

John Gomez.jpg

Congratulations to John G., who came to us as a military helicopter pilot. He quickly gained the training & experience he needed through our rotary wing transition program and is now officially a certified fixed-wing pilot tearing up the skies over southern CA!

Way to go, John!!

Come fly in our sweet multi-engine!
This beautiful Beechcraft Duchess flies
as sweet as she looks!
 fun, safe trainer with new avionics upgrades.
She's easy to fly & loves the sky!

New Aviation Achievements:

New FFA no name png.png
Ace - Instrument.jpg

Our Online Ground School is a comprehensive resource

for your Pilot training and review. 


We recommend this course to our students as it provides a comprehensive, in-depth ground training program. It allows you, the student, to study at your own leisure, whether before, during or after work in the comfort of your home. We are here to support you as you go through the entire ground school course.

We are also available for enhanced one-on-one

or group ground school lessons. 

Preparing for the Instrument and/or Commercial FAA written test?
For online test prep click link below:

Ace came to fly with us and fulfill his aviation goals. He is well on his way with the recent addition of his Instrument & Commercial rating ratings. Next stop, Certified Flight Instructor!

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